We offer customized 1-day and multiple-day genealogy trips in East Prussia and West Prussia.
All the tours we provide focus on prior research and cultural immersion.

Due to the fact that Poland’s place names and state boundries changed numerous times in the 19th and 20th centuries we will help you to locate your ancestor’s place of origin.
You do not need any longer to imagine how your ancestors lived in the past. Though over a century has passed since the time they left for America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand , Palestine or other places, even today you can still discover your Ancestral Homeland, and, if successful, find or meet in person your living relatives.

Our genealogical services include among others:

  • customized tours for your party
  • research made in National Archives, church records, parishes, Jewish records, civil registry offices, emigration records, military records, family history databases and other resources available for a particular area
  • assistance to find and communicate with living relatives before your trip
  • „Find a grave” assistance
  • photo services
  • translating of birth, marriage, death records, private correspondence and official documents

In order to find the answer to the long-sought question of your ancestry and identity , we cooperate with experts in numerous fields .
Detailed prices are provided upon request and depend on the duration, itinerary and mileage to be covered, scope of the prior research, standard of accomodation booked , transport and additional services such as sightseeing tours, local cruises, admission to the museums.

Our tour offers include usually several options for customers to choose.